Learn – Connect – Inspire

Our Mission

Women in Sustainable Energy (WISE) is the first Colorado organization to offer education, networking, professional development and leadership training for women at all stages of their clean energy careers and their lives. WISE members and guests come together to be inspired, share ideas, enhance awareness and understanding, and build competency. Through WISE, we will become skilled leaders, well-informed women, more valuable employees and better stewards of our environment.

Our 2017 Board

  • Kathy Pitts, President
  • Kelly Crandall, Programs Coordinator
  • Melanie Kelly, Membership Coordinator
  • Patricia Moore, Marketing & Communications Manager

Our History and Reach

WISE’s focus is on the Denver Metro area, but we have members and attendees from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. The organization was founded in the 1990s by women working at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.